Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time and Healing

In history, there are many individual examples of the human spirit rising above the norm for the betterment of the universal good.

They are my guides.

Currently, there are those of you whose selfless consideration of others, excludes your “self” in the recipe.

You are my inspiration – my work.

Your extraordinary potential needs to be brought to a place of balance, wholeness, understanding, self-respect, serenity, peace and love.

Time, in itself, is irrelevant. It is an allotted space where we conduct life – where our journey continues, resolved or semi-resolved, realized or not, to the end of our days. Each journey is a collection of jours, each day a page for you, the writer, to dictate your own story. It is a blessed opportunity to learn from and appreciate, even though you may not feel or realize it at the time. Be open to change if you wish it. Try not to be fearful. Each moment is a gift to learn more about yourselves, your actions, your reactions and then, to evaluate your further course.

The time it takes to heal is as easy, or as difficult, as it is to learn a new language. This learning depends upon the dedication to your direction, acceptance of yourself – at whatever stage you find yourself on your unique voyage – focus, understanding, and the willingness to step outside of what you know of yourself at that moment. It depends, as well, on the vision, consistency and compassion of your chosen teacher(s).

Time, then, and healing, can be measured only in relation to self-acceptance, not to be compared with others. We are always growing in our capacity for compassion and human understanding. When the pain lessens, as it will, you will still grow, you will become one with your “self”, easily – in this lifetime

Remember, each one of us is a necessary and precious piece of the conundrum and wisdom of the universe.

Peace and love.


Anonymous said...

just thank you for loving those of us who feel so often unlovable, in spite of every effort to the contrary. though i've defined my life via helping others to attain peace the definition of myself can never be found in this way or in that place. the realization of this is a bit heartbreaking.

love never fails, even if i do. maybe someday i will hold myself in some semblance of this regard.

always and all ways... with love.

Shoshana said...

Thanks So much Peggy for all your wisdom. Healing is indeed like a whole new language. I love you so much!!!! You have such a kind and understanding soul Peggy. Thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Will somebody PLEASE address the in between place where you start having a voice and practically everyone is mad because I have an opinion of my own. I told my family I didn't want to go on vacation with them AND I told them it was because crowds are hard for me and to PLEASE try to be understanding instead of critical or telling me to learn to cope. They like me when I'm sensitive to THEM but they don't like it when that sensitivity is hard for me in general. It's not all puppies and pink roses in this place. It's harder than ANYTHING I've ever done. And all I'm doing is starting to care about myself a little. I'm not throwing tantrums or dishes like in the book, I'm just talking. Why is that so wrong? Relapse is easy in this place and it feels like the preferred option by the responses around me. When you genuinely want everyone to be okay it doesn't seem like there's much room for self. And that really, really hurts.
Is this just a seriously taboo question? Surely I can't be alone. This doesn't feel freeing or peaceful at all.


Peggy Claude-Pierre said...

For a response to this, please see my posts entitled "Our Human Commonality" and "You Cannot Fail."
Thank you.