Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Cannot Fail

You cannot "fail" unless someone is measuring. Are you measuring yourself? If so, why? It is logical to self-assess in order to proceed, but attempt to do so with objectivity and kindness.

You are unique, in so many ways – appreciate your differences. 'Relapse' may mean that you were never better in the first place. When you are well, your attitude about people and yourself is not about competition or ‘measuring up' – it becomes about helping to create understanding wherever possible. There are no walls, nor defenses needed – only understanding and compassion, only love and kindness.

“When you genuinely want everyone to be ok,” there is so much room for ‘self’ because, though we are all individuals, we are also all part of the whole. Therefore, giving to others is automatically giving to ourselves. It is important to gently taking the time to allow yourself into the equation of caring, just as you so willingly nurture others. If you honor yourself respectfully, you are giving happiness to others.

It is in the giving that we receive – it is in the receiving that we give.

Enjoy your day.

Peace and hugs.


Vilda Bäbin said...

So beautiful and so true.


Shoshana A said...

Thanks Peggy!

nancy said...

I am reminded that I can never fail at never not trying as hard as I possible can. That is the true fight for life in my case. I love life and trying.
Thank you Peggy for your insightful blogs. Much love.

nancy said...

It's just so difficult when I am my most strongest critic. I am learning acceptance and hence love is begining to follow towards self....very difficult...trying not to measure myself , just accept myself as is. Thank you for this positive and learning post Peggy, love, nancy

Anonymous said...

Peggy... I saw how you held the anorexics, and loved them.... you know, at 19, I was 5'3 and 82 pounds before I went to timberline knolls in Lemont, IL in the US... I saw the girls you helped some at 58lbs and taller than I, I would not have lived to that point, my heart was failing already, and I had a prognosis of less than 2 weeks... I relapsed twice with purging constantly, I saw how you loved them and held them, I never got this in life from my mom or sdad who are divorced... that's all I ever wanted in life. I am eating, a healthy weight but long to be loved, I'm 20 now... I still need that... ahh I live in Ohio, I wish I didn't live so far, I want to meet you so badly, and I'm sorry your clinic closed, I don't believe YOU treated anyone bad, how could you with all the love you showed? The voices still haunt me daily, and after childhood sexual abuse from a unknown man, the child in me needs love and to held so badly... so badly... I'm always in a corner crying... it was hard to see you with those girls because the pain in my heart and the feeling of lonliness is striking. sometimes the pain in my heart is so bad I can feel it physically... if emotional pain could kill someone, it'd be me... I've attempted suicide twice in my life. no one should be shocked or be suprised if thats how I go one day. you're amazing, Peggy.... maybe you could e-mail me sometime - Love, Kim <3