Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Inside

Last week we were discussing the subject of Ethics. I have just remembered a good example of the courage to stand firm despite consequences which might not always be pleasant. For me, sometimes, movies are a good way of teaching concisely what I might be long-winded in saying.

Russell Crowe played in the movie Insider. His personal ethic would not allow him to cover up a crime, a white-collar crime against humanity. His character was a good example of what I mean of being true to one's self--one's internal ethic. The reality is that to ultimately be at peace with one's self, it is necessary to have a self, to have developed a self--and then to honor it. This is a journey we begin when we are born, and hopefully realize in time to enjoy our lives. To deny what you know is right for you in the way you are in the world, means to live externally, bowing to other people's opinions, any given societies' mores, pressure of convenience--therefore compromising your own potential--your own individual possibility. Follow your own good sense--your emotional intelligence--the only stipulation being to respect and not harm yourself and others.

Have patience with your journey. Know that I love you.


Anonymous said...

I love this! Emotional intelligence is something I've learned more about recently in one of my courses in my MBA program. It has helped so much in managing my own emotions, both in the workplace and in my personal life. It has also helped in developing a better emotional balance, which I have suffered from for many years. I believe that in managing your emotions well, you must recognize your true self; your potential; and do not deny what you are capable of becoming. I love reading your excerpts!

Anonymous said...

The self that we struggle to believe is there. .yet we hold for dear life in efforts to discover that it does not have to hurt just to breath in.

Silvia Duarte said...

It is very gratifying your words of strength and wisdom.
I believe in a better ride and more safe with your experience and tools that you provide.Bless you.

Biddy Stitch said...

Holding on to this one today, and wishing it didn't seem so wrong to me. I live in a society so self-focused, it is hard to imagine that developing and honoring a sense of self, would not be buying into individualism, and ego... when consciously, I do not see the things in you, and I am positive you wouldn't advocate something that would lead us astray.
I got so far the first time around, but think this was the component I never factored in... Just have a hard time wrapping my head around it.
I love that you assume we all have good sense ;) and am trying hard to re-frame my mind to accept the "self" piece of the puzzle.