Thursday, March 4, 2010

Channel of Charity

I was searching my bookshelves this morning and found myself reaching for the lessons of Saint Francis. The book opened to a page that said what I was thinking better than I ever could:

"Freed by forgiveness and energized by love, you can be the channel of charity, compassion and grace in a hard and needy world."

Doing this blog is a new experience for me and somewhat unfamiliar. Thank you for your encouragement of helping me help you. There are many sufferers who have been writing to me regularly. Every letter I receive reaffirms my belief in what I am thinking and doing.

In other words, my belief in YOU.

I have received as many positive emails as desperate ones. Thank you for your kindnesses. And remember what I have always realized and have had confirmed in the years between my first book and the one to come. Thank you...but I am merely a platform to profile your specialness. I believe in you and your kindness with every thought of every day. This blog is for you, and how I may help you feel more comfortable in your day-- in your week --in your month-- and, ultimately, and most importantly-- in the strength of yourself. You are never a nuisance, not a bother. Thank you for teaching me so much in your wisdom even through your pain.

Together, let's make the world an even better place. Please feel free to send me any ideas you have, stories you'd like to share, or thoughts of the day.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning from Texas!

Peggy thank you so much for calling me on Tuesday! I am so encouraged by your encouraged by your input. I am eager to read the new book, I am sure it will be as insightful as the other book. I am on fire for our program and know that I am going to make this happen. God bless you today and make your day peaceful and "expand your territory" with Gods blessings.
Dawn Montaner
Waco, Texas

Peggy Claude-Pierre said...

Dear Dawn,

Good morning from sunny Europe with snow on the mountain tops. I am delighted when people don't adhere to "bystander apathy" even though it is the more difficult thing to do. Standing out by speaking out always invites curiosity. There is such wonderful company out there. Peace and love, Peggy