Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Depth of the Valley

I talked recently about objectivity…but….seeing the whole picture, standing on the mountain, is just half of the equation. To appreciate the view, to value true peace of heart and mind, in retrospect, it is necessary also to understand and have patience while in the valleys. When you are in the midst of the valleys, the mountains can look so high. I ask you to stop and appreciate this moment. Though you may currently be in a valley, there is something positive to be learned here. Everything we experience will have its place in our future wisdom.

The fertile valleys, sediment, can be likened to the subjective state of mind, governed by fear-- soil is toil. It is the learning that any seed can grow and endure, but it is also the “how” that is important. We sometimes lack windows. Life becomes wretched and paralyzing. We wear blinders that are painful to discard. We have experiences that make us feel more than we are able to support, more than we are emotionally prepared for. We have subjective and ultimately, unnecessary, engagement with anything negative or everthing perceived as negative. Life, dear friends, is full of experiences. I’d like to remind you that situations come and go from the minute we are born. It is understanding how to be at peace in those interactions that is important—never is it about who is right or wrong.

Pain and anger come from fear instead of love. Climbing out of the valleys means letting go of that fear—embracing the idea that every experience, whatever it is, leads to growth, peace and love—and in the end—wisdom.


Diana said...

Beautiful wisdom :)

Kaiti said...

Auntie Peggy,
Your entire blog is amazing... but this one section really stuck out. It made me realize how every day is important to our futures, no matter what kind of experiences we go through. Thank you for writing such wisdom on your blog. ^.^ I enjoy reading your work!

Peggy Claude-Pierre said...

Well darling Kaiti,

It is a very very good way for you to tell me what you think of me :)

love you.

Lucy Clarkson said...

Thank you so much for this important reminder Peggy. When in the valley it's hard to remember there can ever be a reason or meaning to it, but our darkness does teach us so much - and not least to value and treasure our times on the mountains too. Life is about the journey as much or more as about the destination. Thank you Peggy, love you, lucia. xxx