Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Vision

Our vision for this site to have the strength to gather together world wide to spread kindness, compassion, possibility, empathy and love despite adversity; to appreciate and understand each individual within his or her perspective; to be our brother's keeper as well as our own; to create a wider understanding and acknowledgement of sensitive minds-to prevent them pain; to be grateful to those role models who already live in this wisdom and to have patience with the others of us who strive and aspire to it.


With love,

Peggy Claude-Pierre


Shoshana said...

Peggy, I just wanted to say thank you for the very warm welcome =) What a great idea to start this site. It warms my heart to read everything you have written on here. I feel close to you and I'm so grateful for this. Thanks Peggy. - Sho

Peggy Claude-Pierre said...

Sho, thank you for the encouragement. I would always like your feedback because your words will more clearly direct the content of my message. Much love to both of you. Have a sunny day.

Shoshana said...

Thanks Peggy. I apologize for not being on the site more often, but will do my best to be more part of this wonderful site. Much love to the both of you too!